Cognitive Impairment – Alzheimer’s & Dementia – 5 hrs


Cognitive Impairment – Alzheimer’s & Dementia – 5 hrs Cognitive Impairment affects millions of people in the United States.  This course provides an insight into these very prevalent conditions and [...]

Cognitive Impairment – Alzheimer’s & Dementia – 5 hrs2022-03-02T17:39:24-05:00

Residence Assessment Process


Residence Assessment Process Participants will gain an understanding of the Resident Assessment tool (RAT) when and how to use it.  The requirement of different aspect of the RAT is explained.  [...]

Residence Assessment Process2022-07-29T16:52:37-04:00

Service Plan


Service Plan Participant will learn the components of a service plan and how to write a comprehensive service plan based on the Resident Assessment Tool (RAT) and significant changes in [...]

Service Plan2022-07-29T16:52:58-04:00

Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly


Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly As scientists and doctors find new ways to cure and manage illnesses, more people are living longer lives.  Participants will learn the special psychological needs [...]

Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly2022-07-29T16:53:11-04:00

Emergency Disaster Preparation


Emergency Disaster Preparation This course is designed to help Care givers with emergency disaster preparedness; understanding their role in providing continuity of care for residents in the event of a [...]

Emergency Disaster Preparation2022-07-29T16:53:19-04:00

Activities of Daily Living


Activities of Daily Living Participants will learn the correct way to provide the different aspects of the activities of daily living while maintaining the dignity of the resident.  Activities of [...]

Activities of Daily Living2022-07-29T16:53:27-04:00

Infection Control with Standard Precaution


Infection Control with Standard Precaution This course is designed to teach care givers Infection Control Prevention and Control Practices.  This course covers the chain of infection, standard and transmission based [...]

Infection Control with Standard Precaution2022-07-29T16:53:30-04:00

Basic Food Safety


Basic Food Safety This course is designed to educate food handlers on how to purchase, cook and serve food safely.  Different aspects of food safety are covered.  Participants learn how [...]

Basic Food Safety2022-07-29T16:53:35-04:00

Resident Rights


Resident Rights As residents of the United States we all have certain rights.  COMAR 10.07.14 amongst other regulations was written with an intention to “maximize Independence and promote the principles [...]

Resident Rights2022-07-29T16:53:47-04:00

Fire & Life Safety Training


Fire & Life Safety Training This course provides an understanding of the courses of fire and how to prevent them when working with the older adult or individuals with cognitive [...]

Fire & Life Safety Training2022-07-29T16:53:59-04:00