Certain courses will have the option for Group Registration. Once you have purchased a course in bulk for Group Registration you will have access to the Group Registration page. This can be accessed through your My Account page or accessed directly here (Note: This page is only viewable for Group Leaders).

The Group Leader has the option to view and manage students added to a group for a particular course by selecting the group name under the Group select option. On selecting a group, the list of enrolled students is displayed.

The Group Leader has to enter the student’s name and email id to enroll a student for a course. If a user account does not exist for the student, a new user is created and the student is registered for the course. If the user already exists, he/she is automatically added to the group and enrolled in all the group’s courses.

In case the newly enrolled user lose access to their account credentials or forget their password, the group leader can re-invite group user. Once the invitation is sent, the user will receive an email containing their group details, username and password reset link. The admin can also customize the invitation email template.

The Group Leader can access reports for a course that the Group Leader has purchased. From the drop down, the Group Leader can select a course and the reports for the users who have attempted the course will be displayed.

The Group Leader can see the Course progress, Quiz Statistics and Certificates.